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Reported By: Usha J

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Sri sai Balaji PG

I have joined Sai Balaji PG,Indira gandhi circle(Owner – vinod reddy) in a double sharing room for rs 8000.His sister Srilatha keeps yelling at people and foul mouthed lady.She is incharge of food.After few days of staying food was not available to me as i come late from office.When this was brought to their notice she begrudged me.She keeps making comments on me in Telugu whenever i go to the pantry.I thought her to be a bad apple and ignored her.But recently Vinod wanted to increase rent for same facilities.When my kin talked to him he promised to provide power back up and for that sake he wants to increas.My kin agreed to the condition that as soon as power back up is given rent will be increa by 500.But the greedy Vinod is harrassing me to give more money right away and because I said no to it he started harrassing me in different ways.He started telling co in mates that Iam bad behavior person and many probs are coming because of me.He also created a fake complaint as given by my room mate and asked me to vacate in no time.When my roommate is contacted she outrightly denied giving any complaint.Iam done with this harrassment and ready to move out .But for vacating i need some time to find a pg and move.This kind of harrassment of putting me on roads without any security should not be faced by anyone else.Kindly take this complaint seriously

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