SRIMAN agencies chennai – cheated by sriman agencies

I’m also cheated by sriman agencies by paying 1,00,000 rupees for singapore job.One advise my friends,to check whether your consultancy is fake or true,then visit It is central government website.Here we can check whether the consultancy is govt. recognised or not.If your consultancy name is not displayed in that site,then it is a fake one…!!

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  1. Big Fraud Consultancy
    Dear Friends,

    My first suggestion is dont believe this consultancy. He is no.1 fraud there. His name is Gokul Krishnan(owner), he is very big fraud. He cheat me and some of my friends by telling overseas jobs. We paid 40000 money and waitied for nearly 7months but we didnt get any single offer letter. Please see your future dont pay money simply there. Its totally waste. He collecting money from you and telling for job but latter he walk you like street dog.

    I had a big fight with him eventhough I went to police station that much problem arises. So, dont believ him. A very big F**ker in chennai he will suck all your blood. If you need more details pls contact me and my friends.