SRIMAN agencies chennai – giving fake news and cheating people who wish to work in abroad

whatever ms.ramya said its of my friend she s from kerela and called them, this month and they said to attent the interview.she went and attended the interview, and said the procedure.that was 1.They wont give the company name and other details 2. after paid 1 lakh only they will tell the company name 3.They wont allow us to talk to the company 4.The say they cant send the e mail info too 5.No govt authorised REG number was there.even when my friend asked they said they will tell later 6.No settled candidates list there 7.even before attendind the client interview we got a call that we got selected but company name was not said by them 8.while calling again after the interview they said after the payment only they will tell the company name 9.when had the conversation with the nearby companys and workers who work, they truly said the above”pls dont believe them” 10.for going singpore ith 3 lakhs, dubai:1L.for that just a small chit they give with the signature, NOT EVEN WITH THE COMPANY SEAL 11.NOT REGISTERED UNDER GOVT. 12.while we were waiting that reception, dat lady said” pls will get your money wait for two months pls pls…like that… PEOPLE IF YOU FEEL WHATEVER I GAVE ABOVE, ARE FALSE PLEASE DO VISIT AND FIND THEM.I CHALLENGE YOU.I AM DAMN SURE YOU TOO WILL TELL THE ABOVE. DONT BELIEVE THEM AND SPOIL YOUR LIFE.

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  1. H.mohamed faisal

    In online selection in l&t i paid rs24600 fraud name is risi singh cell number 09891829902 not only in online selection and also in saudi aramco project dont believe this fraud no.1 cheating fraud fraud fraud he did not give any job to me. Rr

  2. Dear Friends, i’m Nagesh from Hyderabad, I lose my amount and Time waste (Rs. 10,000/-), One of the Consultancy ” INVOBIZ SOLUTION” Beside Dena Bank, Nungambakkam, Chennai. is Fraud Consultancy, don’t do anything in this consultancy.

  3. I would like to add that, some of the members would have got the court order from Trichy addressing the parties whoever lost money to Gokula Krishnan and hearing would be around 11th of April I believe. not sure fingers crossed about the results expected.

  4. This photo is gokul real photo…please forward this photo to commissioner office and face book, amd all paper

  5. Golula krishnan address-old no 2/59, new no 2/122, mela street, Thiruneipper, thiruvaur. This is an original address…..

  6. Gokula krishnan address.- mela street,thirunipper, near mangudi, thiruvarur district.
    ..all guys will go to this above address….and will compliant againist gokul and his wife in collector office or police station….

  7. Gokula krishnan address-mela street.,thirunipper village, near mangudi, thiruvarur district. ..9943818068 call me this no ..any clarification. ..


  9. I have also paid 1lakh rupees for a Singapore job. But past 20 days I kept calling they were not picking up and their mobile nos are switched off dunno the reason for that but somebody says that they were shut down their office if anyone knows the reason plzz reply me guys..!!

    1. yes, you people are correct, that stupid guy cheated every one and make them being MAD. so please contact me for further investigation and plan. Guys my mobile number is 9551102225. we should dicuss the issue immediately, otherwise he will escape. so, please understand the situtaion and make your self ready.

  10. I’m also cheated by sriman agencies by paying 1,00,000 rupees for singapore job.One advise my friends,to check whether your consultancy is fake or true,then visit It is central government website.Here we can check whether the consultancy is govt. recognised or not.If your consultancy name is not displayed in that site,then it is a fake one…!!

  11. to all ….please register complained against him in vadaplani police station , then only you can get ur money….4 years back one agency cheated me, then i complained in local police station ,then i got my 80000 rupees….so make complaint as soon as possible, otherwise he will escape from that place

  12. My first suggestion is dont believe this consultancy. He is no.1 fraud there. His name is Gokul Krishnan(owner), he is very big fraud. He cheat me and some of my friends by telling overseas jobs. We paid 10000 money and waitied for nearly 7months but we didnt get any single offer letter. Please see your future dont pay money simply there. Its totally waste. He collecting money from you and telling for job but latter he walk you like street dog.

  13. sriman agencies specialist in fraud fake jobs cheted in many peoples i am affected in 1 lakh rupees as owner gokul krishnan is fraud

  14. yes sriman agencies vadapalani kumaran colony no 04423620307 no 1 fake jobs add in olx this agencie is biggest fraud job consultant

  15. Hello ,

    I am saravanakumar,Who the people used my name @ my E mail id ,you have a strength come directly and speech to me don’t spoil my name and agencies name.This is not an true message ,SRIMANAGENCIES IS A GOOD AGENCIES ,its my fault & my company situation,so only i am cancelled my singapore visa from srimanagencies . soo many peoples are went to singapore through srimanagencies. Don’t use my name this is an last warning for you.this is my contact number 9047797704 .

  16. i agree ur words miss ramya…gus please dont visit that consultancy ,they are cheaters,they will not provide offer letter

    1. Hello sir, i am also affected by that sriman agencies. I am payed 1,00,000 rupees for singapore job. But i am cancelled my visa processing.But i asked my 1,00,000 money to that agencies,but they said after 20 days i will given your money.But still tey are not given my money ,what i have to do i dont know.Give some idea for me & given your number please.

      1. mr saravanan, what u want to do is, first of all u hav to ask the processing details, and then you told to him i want my full money back other wise i vl take a series action against you