State Bank of India Swastik Park Branch Mumbai – Charging the Interest fgor my Car Loan more then Rs. 10000/- with say that i have not given closure letter to bank

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Reported By: Vilas Gholse

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State Bank of India Swastik Park Branch Mumbai

I was get the car Loan from the State Bank of India, Swastik Park Branch, Mumbai. My car loan reference No. Cl 31641551765 the car Zen estillo from the Sai service Lower Parel Mumbai. As a reputed customer Ms Sai service said me to get the loan from this bank as they have the tie up with this bank for the quick sanction of the loan. As my self have the account with the State Bank of India the loan was sanction and without faill in due till completed my loan amount propely emi deducted from my bank account. the loan amount Rs. 155500/- was totally recovered from the bank before the six months. The branch manager nor the bank officially informed me about the loan period is over nor email nor phone to me. the bank officially wait for more income from me with charging the more interest even though the loan amount was entirely collected by the bank.
The bank now harassing me with the false statement that as I have not givem closure letter I have to charge more rupees as the interest.
My question to the Bank Manager even though the completion on the account with the last instalment bank informed me or email or phone me regarding the procedure of the closing account. In agreement also this term and condition is not mentioned ( check Agreement Document ) its the banks staff or bank eneffecienty they not close the account and asking me for the more interest.
The State Bank of India the policies is not to help the customer but to cheat the customer with their banking un efficiency policies and grab the amount from the customer even though he paid the entire amount as per the norms and conditions and as reflect in the Agreement
My complaint is that the Bank should do such unlawfully act and hide their defecencies with asking me more interest for which I am not liable after the last instalments is deducted from my bank account. just I have not give closing letter bank can not charge me for the un due amount through more interest with unlawfully way.
my requested to bank to just because I have not give closure letter not charge me Rs. 10000/- and its the deficiency is part of bank not the me. I will like to move with the RBI bank also for such unlawful demand of interest to me.
Vilas Anant Gholse
Phone 9820392417

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