Sterling Enterprises – Unwarranted Charges

We have signed up EBS since 2 years.
Last week we needed alteration to our registered bank account. To my shock they came up with a Rs 2000 charge to allow me to change my own bank account. Online bank accounts can be changed by pressing a few buttons and they are charging Rs 2000 for this service to customers who have already shelled out thousands to register with them. We were never made aware of any such charges. They know that in the online world these changes are needed urgently so customers cannot buy time and they are levying charges out of the blue as customer is left with no option but to relent.
Secondly This company has NO CUSTOMER Support whatsoever. Employees never call back or provide proper information. I dont know what they are hired for as they never seem to have any information with them. We are only provided alternate contact person who in turn knows nothing.
Finally I decided to write them, I got a reply from an employee named Mr. Hari Prasad. It would be interesting to find out on what qualifications this man has been hired by them cause he had no replies to any of my questions. In every mail he only gave me evasive replies and alternate contact numbers to call. If he is not in a position to give replies why is hired to reply to customer emails and complaints. If he does not have the required information I think he should arrange for a right person to call or email us, instead of making us chase them everyday. So basically its vicious cycle, you call you never get replies. Then you send emails, to this you are again diverted to making calls which leads you nowhere, so its a well planned strategy to tire out customers and extract money from them once they tie up.
We have already tied up with EBS and paid them tons of money so we have no way out for the moment but if you are company looking for a new payment gateway provider please STAY AWAY from EBS.
Chirag Shah

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