Swastik Educational Www.kipsedu.com – fake marksheet maker

His group had raid in sep 2012 by sikkim police for eiilm university sikkim, and sikkim police found aprox 25000 students fake marksheets at their office. Overall they have got aprox 200 crores business in these fake marksheet scam. According to crime branch manoj bansal has accepted they are doing fake marksheet scam in market from last 7 years. He said that he changed his adresses time to time in delhi. He also accepted that several universities like eiilm university sikkim, shridhar university, pilani and many more they have spread fake certificates to inocent students/centres. Manoj bansal said that he was working as team, he paid high salaries and high commissions to his staff for participating in this scam. Main lead of this group manoj bansal has cought by pune special crime branch but another parnter and vice chairman of these companies mr. Ashwani mittal hasrun from crime branch hands.Manoj bansal has accepted he was the dealing hand with centers/students but all the
account manage by mr. Ashwani mittal. Team of crime branch is searching ashwani mittal and team of crime branch is assured that after the arresting of ashwani mittal they will surely expose the biggest scam of this fake marksheet groups. Manoj bansal chairman of swastik educational charitable / dream education charitable trust admitted that lot many groups are involved in fake marksheet scam. Pune court has sent manoj bansal on remand upto 14 feb 2016. This is the biggest scam in india busted by pune crime branch. Manoj bansal accepted that its easy way to get money to make fools to innocent students/centers. After the remand of manoj bansal, pune crime branch is searching for these types of fake groups.

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