Hi, This is really sad to inform you that your service with dealing with costumers is really bad and disrespectful, Because am really disappointed with the action i had to face today due to one of your Customer facing executive (Sabir Ali, Location- lajpat nagar). for making my point clear, i would like you to describe the complete scenario . Some day back i had a meeting with Mr. Sabir Ali regarding purchase of wagon R Vxi, as i am looking to buy a new car these days, during meeting every thing was fine, and we ended the meeting saying i will get back to you soon, Since i wanted to do some market survey by my own. After that i started getting calls almost twice a day, regarding what am planning to do next about purchasing of car, infact MR SABIR ALI himself almost called me every day asking about what am doing and what am planning about the car and every time i said as you know that right now am doing some survey of my own about the car and i will get back to you ASAP as i make my mind of buying car from you.(Please note getting some many calls so frequent was really disturbing, unprofessional but still i said nothing, NOW I THINK HOW WRONG I WAS. ). Today I again got call from your showroom again asking the same thing and i again said i will talk to you soon and after lunch time at around 3:00 P:M i called MR SABIR ALI BECAUSE AFTER THINKING SO MUCH I THOUGHT OF BUYING CAR FROM YOU ..I CALLED HIM AND I GAVE MY INTRODUCTION FIRST AND THEN I WAS ABOUT TO PROCEED WITH THE MATTER HE STARTED SHOUTING, USED ABUSIVE LANGUAGE (NOT CONSIDERING THAT AM CUSTOMER AND MOST IMPORTANTLY AM A FEMALE) and during that he said ” aapse bahut baat ho chuki hai ab yahan call mat karna kabhi”. and then he hung up the call. Now, You tell me IS THIS THE WAY YOU WELCOME YOUR CUSTOMER ?? IS THIS THE PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE ??? Am really sorry to say here but i feel disgusted, that i even thought of buying car from you from now onwards i will never ever will even think of buying car from any of your showroom and i will not suggest any of my friend or colleague to have a look there (NEVER) and I will surely will drag this matter to the court under the case of misbehaviour and abusement .

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