– order of saree

Reported By: arti chouhan Contact information: Requested on fourteenth august 2020.. 4 sarees… paid Rs 1996/ through online payment..there are no updates about the order… portal isn’t offering an explanation to emails..and the webpage isn’t reachable any longer. —————————————————- How to file a complaint against * Go to Submit Complaint page * Write … – order of saree Read More » – order not delivered

Reported By: Rasajna Valasa Contact information: Respected Madam / Sir, I have requested an item on seventeenth august 2020, till now their is no reaction with respect to my request. No msg with respect to status of my request. If you don’t mind attempt to tackle my concern and my request code is #2452. … – order not delivered Read More » – order not received

Reported By: Pradeep kumar yadav Contact information: I have put a request on 12 Aug 2020. However, till not get any item or reaction. Request no 1835. It’s phony site plz make unlawful move. I will likewise gripe to digital wrongdoing. In the event that I am not get any assistance from here. What’s … – order not received Read More » – different order

Reported By: Sorubh Malhotra Contact information: I have ordered three products for children but the eCommerce portal has sent me saree. Order no 1387 and Order no 1385, Please exchange the product immediately and resolve my issue at the earliest, thanks in advance. —————————————————- How to file a complaint against * Go to … – different order Read More »

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