hashmi dawakhana products

Hashmi Dawakhana – aware of hashmi products

plz aware of hashmi products …..they are cheater nothing else……I used sikander e azam for four months but I got nothing result ……don’t belve in the comnts…..so don’t waste ur money..they are fraud ………

hashmi dawa khana – skander-e-azam

Dear Friends, What I know is that hashmi dawa khana is cheating on peoples because I took skander-e-azam for 3 months but I did not notice any change in my penis. You are cheater why do you like to cheat on people. God will punish you sent me fake medicine. i used ur sikander-azam capsule …

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Hashmi Dawakhana’s sexual products – be aware

Please be aware of Hashmi Dawakhana’s sexual products. These are cheater no One. They are cheating to innocent people like me. I was also attracted and impressed by their advertisements and websites. I also got trapped by these thugs. Whatever they are promising on net like 2 inches increments in length and 50% increments in …

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hashmi dawakhna – lootera

हासमी दवाखाना बहुत बड़ा धोखे बाज़ है मेने अपने लंड को लम्बा और मोटा करने लिए 8000 की दवैया ली और 4 महीने का कोर्स किया जबकि मुझसे कहा गया था की दावा खाने के २ महीने में लंड ४ इंच लम्बा हो जायेगा सब धोकेबाज़ लोग है यह दूर रहिये इनसे

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