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saribox. Com – Cheap quality product

saribox. Com Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Sreeram Contact information: saribox. Com I didn’t get what I ordered thru this website, saribox. Com, I got a very low quality product, it’s clear online cheating, never experienced such a worst case previously in online shopping.. Better block that site.. Let other’s not fall prey to this More – Damaged product(saree) Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Sowjanya Contact information: We have ordered one saree rated Rs 1499 with shipping charge Rs 50 total 1549 dated on are sent a dammaged&fully changed product and please refund the amt as soon as possible without fail.. Order ld-2110-17832 SKU-CD101 Quantity – 1 Order Date-21-10-2018 Shipping date-27-10-2018 More

Saribox – Saree

Saribox Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Anitha Contact information: Saribox I have ordered black soft silk saree in saribox but the product is not satisfactory. I want to return the product. Please call for the further discussion

Hemamalini Pandian – LOw quality saree

Hemamalini Pandian Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Hemamalini Contact information: Hemamalini Pandian I have received bad quality saree, no options is there, how to return my saree, my time and money was waste, they are displayed high quality saree but they are sending very bad quality saree, my no sb753 :amount 1399 – Bad quality of the product Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Raghav Contact information: My wife ordered saree with them, and it got delivered, but the quality of the saree was too bad, tried contacting them over the phone, watsapp,email no response at all. Infact they blocked me on watsapp. Never trust them,never buy anything with them, instead More