– totally fake, I lost all money

Reported By: Abhishek Contact information: By the some mobile no I got call regarding job in have initially Paid to account no 2500 they told me it will return suppose you didn’t get job for that I paid after they only taken interview like we are HR of HCL and they asked 4600 for … – totally fake, I lost all money Read More » – cheating Reviews & Complaints Reported By: mastan shaik Contact information: Totally these five numbers cheating on 27/09/17 to 02/02/18.1.Ashok 2.virath 3.niha raj desai 4.niha sharma and lost 5th person .Rajesh kumar this person account holder of bank ac no:53380100004391 Ifc code:BARB0PATDEL, Patel nager branch.Bank of no:8510881275 and contact email: [email protected] Above persons … – cheating Read More » – FRAUD AND FALSE PROMISE Reviews & Complaints Reported By: Paromita Chattopadhyay Contact information: Mr Ajay Mehra and Mr George Thomas of an online job portal are frauds. They misguided me into paying Rs 9499 for their service called Premium Interview Cracker plus Rs 2700 towards Career Blaze India service. They promised to refund the amount of … – FRAUD AND FALSE PROMISE Read More »

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