Tata 3G – On Roaming charged me on same network


I am having Tata 3G e-Stick. The Connection is of Nagpur MH. Last month I visited my home place in Betul MP and used the net. My place is having Docomo services. But when I received the bill they charged me roaming charges total till of 1500rs. I informed them that when I purchased DOCOMO executive informed me that it is roaming free. Also they said I got charged for using 2g internet. But when I said I have a service which is 3g till 3GM and 2g unlimited 650 plan (ex. service tax). The they said they will give me 400 discount from 600rs which got extra charged and in future I am going to be charged on this, again i don’t know why should i pay 200 on this anyways. But after 3- 4 days I got the discount of only 100rs, and from then I am regularly calling them and every time they registered new complaint and in last noting happens. Really got frustrated with the services.

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