TATA DoCoMo – Ridiculous Bill Calculation System

I had availed services of TATA DoCoMo (A/c No. 987761601) with effect from 17 Dec-12. As per the agreed terms and conditions I was required to pay Rs. 1199 + Service Tax for four month. However due to poor services I decided to discontinue service of the said vendor and informed the same to service provider vide E-mail dated 4-Jan-13

Further as per the prescribed terms I agreed to pay the amount proportionately till the time services were actually availed by me. I had also mentioned that I am willing to pay Rs. 336.80. (Rs. 299.75 (1199 / 4) + Rs. 37.05 (srv tax 12.36%).

In spite of continuous follow ups and mails I was receiving mails from the vendor company asking me to pay outstanding dues even for a period for which services were not availed by me, which was beyond my understanding. Further the services were not discontinued till 14 April 13 And I was informed to pay Rs. 2729/- (Bills Enclosed). The copies of all the bills are attached as Annexure 1 and I also request you to go through trail mails for your records and to have clarity in the matter.

I wish to lodge complaint against TATA DoCoMo for unfair treatment and unethical treatment levying charges for services not availed for. You may contact undersigned for further clarity on this matter.
Abhishek Birla

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