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all same goes for me as well then they will ask 20000 for some reason of document charges for winning of vitara brezza car. they also added that they will provide 3 diamond worth 5000 and 1 gold coin, and a check of 14 lakhs from their sponsors,and some electronic gadgets, and also some media, interview and other things. I personally feels it’s fraud and suggest you not to fall for that. there are some points, with which I came came to this conclusion but it would be hard to wording them all. they even have hide the contains of website from google, if you want to try the search the name with some spell mistake , it want show the results unless and until exact words, which are “thedeal4india” written. all I’m trying to say is don’t fall for it how much they try to convince you by telling that they have land-line no and current bank account and that “https” shit and ISO certified company and all. *BE ALERT BE SAFE*

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