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Reported By: jewelson shaiza

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2nd/3rd July 2018, Many times I got a call saying that you are selected including 4 persons from Meghalaya from our promoting company which you’ve to buy a Reebok combos cost Rs.4999/- along with a assure free gift Dell Laptop all these will deliver at the same time max 5-7 days. She kept on explaining its very tempting and forcing me to pay the amount, at last i told her i’ve 1000 rs in my account so she send me a link hpp:// to pay 1k and the rest you can pay tomorrow/day-after-tomorrow. So i did the payment. That night i browse to see how, what it is like then i found many people are commenting they made fake promises. Next day i got the same call to make a full payment to proceed my order,So, today she/they call me up to pay the remaining, i asked her back a question but she didn’t give me the right answer so i request her to refund me my money; she respond we can’t, i don’t know then she transfer my call to others and we were in converse suddenly she rudely reply you are wasting my time, here they are the one who is calling me but I’m not wasting her time isn’t? After that one guy speak to me saying what’s your problem i told him transfer my 1000 rs, he reply me back we can’t you’re a cheater but actually they are the one. On 4th july same lady call me back, so i told her cancel my order purchase and refund back my money but she was refused saying i can’t and i don’t know, but you’re the one who is sending me a payment link and you’re and you’re telling me i don’t know? then she hang up. Here are the calling numbers: +911140452429, +911141253093. Need help. Thank you.

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