Thejewelleryhub – Products not yet delivered since months

Reported By: Yash Chauhan

Contact information:
thejewelleryhub Tilak nagar, new delhi
instagram = the_jewellery_hub__ also known as girls glam

i had ordered ring set and a bracelet set from insta: the_jewellery_hub__ , it has been 3 months since i paid then 364 rupees and i haven’t even received any info regarding it , any tracking id or any responses. they simply do not care and all they do is to tell me to wait or it will come next month and all, all lies they only see my message and that’s it no more replies .

i see their stories of some issues and some other happy customer feedbacks but still get no replies . I thought to buy because of seeing good reviews on their highlights, but its totally fraud there are many others who haven’t received their parcel too,

when I tried to reach them through a new account they responded instantly, that made me sure that they are just trying to ignore my messages, and when I told them I want to know about my order they started to again ghost me. please help me out with this concern please

How to file a complaint against thejewelleryhub?

* Go to page
* Write thejewelleryhub in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from thejewelleryhub.

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