This company cheated me

I got a call from this urgent vacancies on 30 Nov. and they told that your resume

shortlisted in HCL Company and u get a pay of around 2 to 3.5ctc so if ur interested in

getting those call letters from the companies u need to pay rs.1500 and register.i

asked about that u are calling from a company or from consultancy, they said that they

are government recognised team.So i paid and registered but after dat dey go on asking

to pay more mny upto 9300 or else dey r not providing any service from dem, so i make a

payment of dat 9300 total and after dat der is no response of dat issues of call

letters or nothing.that executive has said dat if u dont receive the call letters

within 2 to 3 working days den our marketing or something team wil cal u for ur acc no

and dey would return ur mny.But till now der is no service or no response of mail

also.Plz help me to get my money back.


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