Tim hortons – rude staff

Reported By: Tanya O’Rielly

Contact information:
tim hortons Springhill

This morning I went to Tim’s in Springhill, which I rarely do anymore because they have become a very rude bunch and that has changed from what it used to be. And they have slowed down dramatically, two people ahead in the drive through, just getting drinks, and still takes 20 minutes. Well, this morning the ignorant lady that is always serving in the drive thru, who does not say good morning, hello, even when I do burnt me with coffee!! She was too busy talking to her coworkers and had her head turned as she handed me my order, she had the coffee cup tipped and coffee spilled and burnt my hand. She could care less, I ask for something to clean…”Oh was the lid not on” No apology and until I re-asked still nothing to wipe myself (so I had to get something in my car)/ Then as I went to drive away she just oh welled me!!!!!! She is short, old, cubby and always has her hair in a ponytail. Absolutely unacceptable!!!!!!!!!!!


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