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Reported By: Bhavnesh

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Company promised me for 10Mps speed but since the date of activation the it has never given the same. I have been complaining in customer care but they also do not listen to the same and top of it they do not respect the customer. I have been requesting them for proper behavior but they seem to be in hurry of disconnecting the calls even on face of customer when customer is speaking. prefect example of this can be heard from the recorded call when i spoke to Pratima who was told to me being the senior member but even she was in her own world and not answering the queries i had. Now regarding the NOC team…they call and start threatening whether you want to get your problem solved or not.this time it was pranab from NOC team who spoke in threatening tone and after listening for 3-4mins he said will get done and didn’t listen to me and disconnected the call. All money has been paid and now they say they are BOSS.. It seems they are fearless goons who think law is below them. IS CONSUMER LAW SO WEAK IN INDIA My details Consumer Name Bhavnesh Bhat Handphone – 8130945976 Customer ID 2005712 Email ID [email protected]

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