To get refund my money from is very fraud company,i hv lost my 30,000 rs. and they hv not give me money refund and not arrange any kind of interview.
first a phone is came from nu-911244326300 and they offered me a good job interview and for that i hv paid only 1550,i hv require job so i hv trusted them and pay 1741rs. for registration at the same day after paying they say i hv to pay more money for complete the process and they promise me to refund this money so ihv trusted and pay money3765 rs for verification,5618 rs. for carrier report and they also take 9663 rs. for job search…they said these all money are refunded after interview and they arrange interview in 2 days but they have not arranged any kind of interview,after 5 days they again called me and said u hv selected for interview and i refunded ur money pls follow me online and i refund ur money…but they take more 9157 rs. from me and said this is refund procedure …dont afraid this will not deduct from ur account…but i hv paid this from debit card and all money are deducted and i hv lost my important 30,000 rs and not get any kind of job… i am from middleclass family and i hv not any job now so pls help me anyone to take action against those cheeters and fraud people my contact nu is-9016501022 and i say to all that not trust on those fraud people,,,i said my sad experience pls help me….

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  1. Hello,
    I am Arpit Joshi. I too have been cheated by this fraud company I was in need of Job and this people called me and told me for assured job in at 7.2 Laces Rs annum and for that they have told to pay some registration fee of 1700 Rs. Then they started asking for money continiously for secutity deposit and all shitsssss. The amount started from 1700 Rs and ended up to 51,000 Rs. I have made such a blunder because I was in need of Job. Please help me my contact no. is 9673953380 and 9179972790 and Email Address is [email protected].
    I am having their so many contact no.s now let us join our hands together to punish that cheaters. I am available for all kind of help.
    Arpit Joshi

    Click2employment Contact Details

    Mr. Rahul 9716958299, Mr. Subodh 0120-4113286, Other 011-65023702,011204912600,011204974500

  2. hello every body

    this is a true story

    i am a graduate student and searching for a job
    so that i got a call from
    and they told me that they will forward my resume to the companies and give interview calls and they will also provide interview practice

    Then surprisingly they told me that they will charge me 1500rs and i agree with that
    Then they started calling me every half an hour for registration which I have to do at MYEMPLOYMENT.CO.IN
    i asked them that would i have to pay more amount after some days… and they said that it is one time registration and there is no more payment or no hidden terms and condition

    and they started telling me how to register and how to make payment

    first they call you and guide you to register online and they make an order which you have to pay with your internet banking in that website of rupees 1685rs (Including Taxes)

    i did it what ever they said to me in the name of TRUST (though I didn’t see them and this was going on phone call )

    As you have to pay through ZAAKPAY which was in there control (ie. they can make any order by their own)

    I paid 1685rs for Resume services and suddenly they said that you have to do that payment again of rupees 2809rs which was another order generated by their employees

    They said to me that this payment was from their side and you have to do payment and they will refund it to you again
    They will say you that “you have only 4min server (gateway) time so you have to make payment fast”
    And i did that payment too

    Now the game begins

    Then they said you that “sorry we just deduct your 2809rs which we are going to pay, so we will give you refund by some process”

    I got shocked “again process”

    MYEMPLOYMENT.CO.IN Employee said “you have to give me 500rs more for refund process ”

    Then i got clear mind that it is FRAUD

    They are charging me again and they want to take my money as they can get from me

    I shouted on them “you are making me fool and you are charging me unnecessarily and i am not giving any more money to you. I got you plan sir that you first find people which is searching jobs and you said them that you will provide interview calls, and said them to pay 1685rs and when he pays that rs you just charged them again said sorry for that unnecessarily charged rs, then you charged them again for refund process which is not refund process, its again a deposit process”

    MYEMPLOYMENT.CO.IN Employee said “this is how we make fools to people and this is how we earn”

    And they started abuse language(like BABA JI KA THULLU) when i got there plan of making youngsters fool

    So I request you friends that we have to stop these idiots
    Or they are still making our youngsters brothers fool

    I request you to save this address of MYEMPLOYMENT.CO.IN
    C- 22/20
    Sector- 57,
    Noida- 201301
    Uttar Pradesh

    Employees Names = Aman Saxena, Satish , Abhay, Aniket, Karan etc
    And save this no. if you get a call from this no then don’t receive this call please

    My name Suraj

    if you have some suggestion or if this happens to you also then please email me at [email protected]