Toyota 36 Faridabad showroom – Excess money charged without service

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Reported By: Jyotika123

Contact information: Toyota 36 Faridabad showroom

I had given my Innova (Car Number HR51AN2211), dated 19/August/2016 for service at Toyota 36 Faridabad showroom. Car is in name of GP Gandhi. Everyday showroom Manager told us that there is problem in car and they will repair it. Showroom Manager said that lot of spare parts (like engine belt etc) needs to be changed. They keep on increasing the bill everyday till 23/August/2016 by stating that they will make the car in new condition and going forward their would not be any problem with the car. Total invoice was raised for Rs. 60200 and we have paid the amount. We got the car back and they had mentioned that the car is in very good condition now.

However, after a month i.e. on 23/Sep/2016 Car got stopped on Delhi Highway. We were continuously calling on their (Toyota 36 Faridabad showroom) contact number. But they were not picking up the calls. Then we have hired the Crane in 3000 Rs and take that car again back to the Toyota 36 Faridabad showroom.

Then Showroom Manager has mentioned that their is problem with water pump (leakage in water pump), engine belt etc and charges are Rs. 15000. Next day they said charges areRs. 20000. Further Next day they said charges are Rs. 25000. So as happened earlier at the time of service, again they keep on increasing the charges day by day. Toyota Manager told us that the water pump got leaked due to problem in Engine belt. Could you please tell how come their would be problem in engine belt within a month of change itself. When they have already changed the spare parts earier or either they have used old product or not changed either. Now the car is with them.

Could you please reply what kind of service is this and why the amount has been charged in excess. How can the expenses keep on increasing everyday and that too with very poor service. They are not picking up calls. We are facing lot of difficulties due to this.

G P Gandhi

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