Travel Triangle – cancellation of booking

Reported By: Mari07

Contact information:
Travel Triangle

Amount Paid – Rs 21276.2
Transaction Id – 202362046855871

I recently purchased a trip package to Thailand through Breakbag Holiday (an agent), and this agent requested that I deposit Rs. 20, 900 as an advance payment. Travel Triangle is a scam company.

Later, after reading the company’s unfavorable reviews, I cancelled the order. The fraud company refused to refund the money and claimed that it was a non-refundable amount when I asked them to do so after deducting the necessary cancellation fees.

These individuals are threatening me over the phone and through the mail. They want to defraud our Indian citizen. This business must be outlawed in India.

Ideally, I tried to negotiate later, but even they weren’t ready to provide the service, so I later filed a complaint with the bank and the cybercrime agency. I implore the people of India to stay away from these businesses and to avoid doing business with them in any capacity.


How to file a complaint against Travel Triangle?

* Go to page
* Write Travel Triangle in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Travel Triangle.

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  1. This is a reply to your email ,you are trying to defame BreakBag Holidays and Travel Triangle by no means .
    We have all written communication and this is a clear case of defamation .
    1. You had made the payment and we had booked your hotels once you had done the payment .After the payment you wish to cancel the booking and don’t wish to pay the Cancellation Charges to Breakbag and Travel Triangle ,this is an injustice .

    2. You had mentioned in the complaint that we threatening you via phone calls & Email ,its a false statement and you are again trying to defame us again without any relevant proof.being a customer you don’t have any right to injustice with us by not paying the Cancellation fees as per policy and posting a complaint with our name.

    3. You had made the payment after checking all Cancellation Charges and Checking all details and you are trying to defame us in public.We have all relevant proof to substantiate every single details .

    To all the customer who is reading this review we have attached the hotel vouchers where we had booked the hotels and post booking the guest wish to Cancel without paying as per Cancellation Policy and Defame us ,this is absolutely injustice to us.I would request the website admin to please remove the review as its affecting the brand reputation with no means.