Ultimate Solutions – FundooTravelDeals.com is similar fraud like makemydreamholidays.com of EMM AAR Infosolutions

We all know that Makemydreamholiday.com and its merchant EMM AAR Infosolutions is a fraud which provides no service and if lucky you will get a package of sub-standard fake branded goodies worth pennie.
Recently, I received a call from a company called ULTIMATE SOLUTIONS who claims their website is FundooTravelsDels.com which has exactly same modus operandum.
They call you on behalf of your bank as service provider and say that you have earned benefits on your credit card due to your relationship with the bank and offer you goodies and travel vouchers for 7999/- or similar amount.
Some F**cker Sanjay Verma, tells you the they are very secure as they use IVR which the 7 banks namely HSBC, Citibank, SBI, ICICI, HDFC and so on has provided as they have tie ups with them.
They will tell you that you can get the amount into various EMIs and bank will charge no interest and other sh*ts to market their package, but please don’t fall into their trap as they are complete fraudster.
Please don’t let those id**t bas**rds run away with your money. Call are generally from TATA Indicom numbers like +91 92 78 703242 or from landline +91 80 67695555.
Hope you read this before you have do any transaction with ULTIMATE SOLUTIONS or FundooTravelDeals.com.

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    1. Hi,

      Thanks Shubankar for the information. As i too recieved the call from Ultimo – Fundoo travels offering me with various goodies like 7000 discount coupons in terms of free promo code, Medical claim includes full body checkup and 4D/3N hotel stays , 2000 cash back on hotel expenses and on Lotto brand shoes worth 2999 only in 7999.

      They were so reluctant to share webpage name, when i was not convinced by them then only that person told me fundoo travels and i searched it and got your page.

      Thanks for posting and saving many of us.

      I got the calls from below Tata Indicom numbers:
      9213816909, 9250400236, 9250400835