Uni Boitech Healthcare – Job Scam Fraud

Reported By: Nitz

Contact information:
Uni Boitech Healthcare

Hello sir/madam
I want to complaint & inform you regarding a fraud scam caller who mentioned a fake job on indeed first called me for interview (giving the wrong address) then , the the next day deleted that job post from indeed.

This girl posted on indeed regarding a fake job mentioning the company name there as Unibiotech healthcare Pvt Ltd, panchkula, sec-2 in the job post.
Then, sending the address different & wrong.
This Girl named “sakshi” fraud person

This girl called me for interview on 20june,2022 sending me interview address on Whatsapp.
She sent me wrong address which was wrong because when I reached the address that girl had sent me on Whatsapp , when I reached that exact place, there was no such company there. Then, I called this girl & asked (on 20 June,2022) the same day when she called me for interview, that I am the exact place you had sent me, there is no such company here. She said on call “Talk to my M.D “, he will tell you where to come.

Then I asked tell your M.D/head person contact.She told a wrong no of the MD too as when I called at that no , there was a person who told this is a wrong no. Then, this girl stopped answering my calls & sent me a different new no on WhatsApp after a minute when I asked her you have sent me wrong no of her head/MD . She was manipulating me & giving me wrong information

I then understood she is fraud. I blocked her.

After that she stated sending me sms from a different no saying misbehaving messages to me.

the same fraud person posting false scam job post on indeed and Calling at wrong address for interview & then sending misbehaving messages to me.
I reported about this to SHO at my nearby police station also the same day. They told to come there & give in written about the matter.

Then, I had gone to my nearby police station. I got calls from police station for coming & giving in written about this matter so, I had given in written about my matter. One of the sir at my nearby police station told me to give in written about this. Then , sir told me to give that to other person (sandeep sir) who had been given the duty to slove my matter. Sandeep sir said me why you have written your matter on paper. There was no need to write this matter.

Then, Sandeep sir (the police station case solving person at my nearby police station) told me that write in written about withdrawing your matter. Then, I had written a withdrawal form as he told to write. But I thought I would be given a solution.

Rather then helping me out & finding about the fraud person through her number ,photo, message proof I have with me….the police case solving person named “Sandeep” at my nearby police station had taken from me in written “Withdrawal form” to finish this matter just to ignore my problem rather than solving it out & finding the fraud person.

I wanted to address this to you as I was expecting a solution to this matter but I have been given no solution but to write a “withdrawal form”

(Mam I can send you the screenshot of those written forms I have submitted at nearby police station.)

I request you to report this fraud number & take a action towards this.

Please do the needful as soon as possible


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