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My compliant is against the http://www.urgentvacancies.com/, it’s a job portal, on 26th September I got call from them they told me that, there is a company and they are interested in your profile and they told about the Urgentvacancies and told we are offering pay package according to your experience and the place of work and I told I am in Bangalore and Experience is more than 3 year and they asked what is your expectation and I replied him now I getting annually 2.02 lakh and if I get 3.2 to 3.5 than I will planning to change the job and they he replied that for you work experience and the location we are offering 4 to 5 lakh package and that time, I was upset with my present company so, I was seriously happy about the offer they told and after this they asked me to register the profile and they charged me around 1800 and they told within couple of days you will get a job and its 100% will give placement to you and if you won’t get the job then the amount will be refunded, then I thought ok, I will register. After this they asked me to register for other product which is costing around the 5949 including service tax, then I replied them back I can’t pay much and then told there is procedure that you have to follow and if you won’t get the job will refund the money and I was like at any cost I wanted to change job and they are talking that If you won’t get job then, we will refund your money then I thought I have to take risk and when they called me again I told them if I won’t get job then I will go to consumer court and I file compliant against you. Then they replied you won’t get that chance, and they sold that product and after couple of days again they called and told me to purchase one more product it cost Rs. 3500 and after that they selling me one by one product, when I told them it’s going above my limit then they started if you won’t get benefit they we will refund and if you leave the profile incomplete then your invested money will go for toss then again I told them if I will not get job then I will go to consumer court. They sold me one after one product which cost me around 10k. Then after completing the profile, I got call from them saying you profile is completed and then they told me, you have one relationship manager who is already working with your profile and they have already charged me for relationship manager around 7k and again they took 2100/- from me for job assistance. Then I decided that if I will not take action then there will be many people who gets effected. In above talk I lost some of the important point to tell. • When I got call on 6th October, she told me I will send some of companies list were you need to call and fix the interview, when I checked that list there are 5 companies and all companies are form Kolkata region • When I had decision at the time of registration they told me they will call me after 4 to 5 days, if you have any doubts you can ask us, when I completed my profile they never turned back. • I felt they miss selling the products and told them I don’t want this please revert it back and one of them told I sent request to concern department and they will revert it back and he transferred call to senior department were they wanted some information about me and I am talking with senior department and I asked about how much time will it take revert the amount and he told we can do that, I told them I want to talk to that person, who told me that he sent the request to concern department, then they told me, we can’t transfer this call back to him. I was trying to capture everything, it might be confusion for you, once you start the investigation and check the recorded calls, and you will come to know everything. Companies contact number- 1. +911206191600 2. +911203330600 Executive names are following:= 1. Manish 2. Sital 3. Sanjib.

Abhijit Roy
9b/1,Kenaram Ganguly Road

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