Vbuy – Compression socks

Reported By: Mary Millgate

Contact information:
Vbuy West Nowra

On or before 1st February I ordered what I thought was two pairs of compression socks and I recall the amount was AU $30 +. I have received the socks (12 Feb 19) but I received 6 pairs and $113.32 USD taken from my account. How can this happen and what should I do to seek recompense? Stupidly I made the order on my mobile so haven’t got a printed notification of my payment. Durr! And, of course, nothing in the package in the shape of an invoice.
I have received notification from Hush Socks that the shipment was on its way and I know see that this amount was hsown on the confirmation of shipment but I didn’t look at the content of the email as the subject header told me the delivery was on its way. I will try and contact hushsocks.

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