Vento Infotech, Coimbatore, – Cheating Staffs, Candidates, clients (customers) and vendors

Dear All, This is my humble request please take it serious. Vento infotech located in 41, Level 2, shristi mahal, 8th street, tatabad, Coimbatore ( is fake and fraud company. They are cheating all peoples who are connected with their business. they are getting advances from the clients but will not complete the project work and will not delivering, and they are selling web portals and some software’s that is also a fake one… The employees are not getting salaries properly, then they will quit from the company, they are started to recruit new employees, for recruiting they use vendorship. after getting all candidates contacts they told we no need now. we will recruit them back and the position is hold and all. but after few days they will use the same candidates to place. this is to cheat vendors. after a candidate joining they will get business from them and they will use them to get their client contacts and they will following them privately without intimate to the candidate. after one month, after getting all contacts from him they will terminate the candidate, telling some silly reasons. and would not given salary. Seriously i am crying while typing this. with this i am one of the person got cheated by them. there is a persons like, vishnu priya, shanthi and two more as HR’s and a stupid director by name dhynesh who i never seen a person like him in my life time. they all are cheating peoples. Really i am feeling very sad abt the guys who are cheated by them many peoples are there. I don’t worry about my time to waste to write this complaint, but this will save atleast only one person right…? that is why i am doing this… Thank you for read over this…If you have any queries please post it i’ll reply definitely.

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  2. Am an employee of Vento Infotech. I know about you. I don’t wanna explain about you in public. Don’t play or don’t try to act smart in the public. I strongly warn you to take this post. Or else you will face the major consequences. If you ppl have queries on her, reply back.

  3. Hello All,

    Its a good company that is why clients approach for their good works again and again. So please dont take this serious. The statements posted seem to have come out of frustration and vengeance. It can be seen in the words used in the post. We cannot judge any company with just one such post made by people like Abirami

    Hello Mrs.Abirami – Complainer of this post – Before you post any complaints in public try to be truthful. Also dont post any names like this which may affect others carrier you being a lady.

  4. Hi guys , Vento is good concern , my friends working in that company , they are getting good package , please don’t try to spoil company name , might be you have personal with that concern , the attitude which you shown its really Bad .

  5. Hello all,
    its something confusing…. If this post is a fake one means, why should she post…….? Dont play with others careers. I think this post may be true. but take think well before taking any decision…..

  6. Dear All,

    I am Sathish Kumar, HR Manager of Vento Infotech India Pvt. Ltd. So far, this post issue has been processing legally, as a HR Manager I would not be able to reply back to this post. But today is the day where all the problems are resolved legally. So I take this opportunity to tell the truth to the public.

    The post published by a character called Abirami is not an employee of Vento Infotech. She is a HR Manager of a manpower consultancy named “INNOVIZION TECHNOSOL (I) PVT. LTD.” located at 111/1, Sowrimuthu Street, Redfields Road, Coimbatore – 641045 ( .

    Being true to her company, she has made many “frauds” (the word she says) . This problem could be one of that fraudulent. When this issue was taken legally, she has surrendered and gave legal apology and withdrawal letter to this post. She has been published this post without the knowledge of her company (“INNOVIZION TECHNOSOL”) Managing Director and he is not responsible for it. It has been made solely by her.

    Any more posts or comments over Vento Infotech would be strictly taken legally, this could be a strict warning to all. Do not spoil the name of the company and employees due to personal vengeance.

    Herewith, this post would not affect anyone. And I thank you for the employees who have replied positively. Employees need not worry about this issue, let us move forward for our growth.

    Sathish Kumar
    HR Manager
    Vento Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.

  7. Sathish kumar, You told That she made many frauds, Can you show any proof against her….. dont play with people’s careers and others life… Her MD know all the think….. when she gave apology to you……? You cheated 25,000 to my company…… If anybody asks she can show the proofs….. do you…….? You have taken our services, our candidates freely. we loss lot of money apart from this 25,000…… please beg other than cheating…. Nan thirupi un mela case pota ena agum nu yosichu comment podu…….. company ku thagundha mariye employees………

    you called her husband and blackmailed through him… that is the reason now she is trying to remove it….. otherwise you….. God is there……. He will surely give you a punishment……..