Vera Developers Pvt. Ltd. – Reminder Letter – Request for a refund (Application No. – APPLAM\000313\1920)

Reported By: Kuljinder Singh

Contact information:
Vera Developers Pvt. Ltd. Sector 74 A, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140307

Dear Ma’am/Sir,

1. This letter shall serve as a repeated request to refund my full amount of Rs 5,52,975/- (Five Lakh Fifty Two Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy-Five Rupees) with interest at the earliest.

2. It is quite evident that Vera Developers has failed to keep its commitment that was made on “04-Nov-2019” by official mail. Copy for the same has attached for ready reference.

3. It is mentioned very clearly in the email that if your said project has not been approved by SBI Bank within 03 Months (From “04-Nov-2019” To “03-Feb-2020”), then your company shall refund my 100% of the amount paid to Vera Developers immediately without any deductions.

4. However, I have waited for more than 05 months and sent multiple emails in request to intimate the reason for the prolonged delay in obtaining the loan approval from the SBI bank.

5. But unfortunately, no official reply has been received from your side for the extended delay.

6. Later on, It was enquired from the SBI bank on “23-April-2020” by the undersigned and found that the SBI bank had already rejected your sanction letter almost 02 months ago that was never disclosed to undersigned by any of your LOKAWAS Co ‘s representatives till date.

7. Hence, I was deeply disappointed with the act that a false assurance was given by your company to wait for more months without any purpose.

8. It is my hard-earned money that I have already paid 25% of BSP amount(15% of BSP amount before 10th November 2019 and remaining 10% of BSP amount before 5th December 2019) to your company “Vera Developers Pvt. Ltd.” in advance by Cheque.

9. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, I have just lost my job and have no income source left. My whole family is financially dependent on me.
In the current situation, I am suffering from the extreme pain of mental stress due to my financial problem.

10. So, It is a humble request to you kindly understand my genuine problem and refund the said amount at the earliest.

I would be obliged if you look into the matter personally and arrange my refund at the earliest.

Kuljinder Singh

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