Hello ,,,guys beware of VETURE TECHNOSYS company which is located in jp nagar bangalore.its a fake company.i went there for interview and they are asking 40k before joining.only 1 room is there not even look like a software company.
verture technosys is located in jp nagar 2nd phase bangalore

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  1. How can you blame a company just looking it from outside. Though it is a medium scale company more than 50 employees working over here happily. No company was hiring me as I was a fresher. But this company dared to hire me and I am doing well day by day. You can grow you career very well in this company.

  2. hello friends i got selected to the verture technosys present in second phase j.p nagar and my joining date is 27-01-2014.i.e tomorrow and they ask 50k as the secure deposite after one year they will can u please tell me about it a fake company or not

  3. he is number 1 fraud person in bangalore.he have no money take money from other and take everyday.please don’t join this company .he is to bad person everyway.please client don’t give project to him here is no experience people .