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Reported By: Ritul Na

Contact information:

Booking Reference Number: FMNAB2DCDUU4A

My friend booked a bus from Bangalore to Goa for us.

We wrote an email with all the challenge we faced during our travel to the (mentioned below) but there is no response.

Hi via team,

We were supposed to travel a 2+2 nom ac Sai Krupa Travel’s bus.

We have never sufferers so much till now in life as much we have suffered in past 7 hours and also expecting to suffer more.

A. First, the bus was supposed to reach madiwala at 7.30 pm and we waited till 10:05 without even having dinner since we were afraid we might miss the bus if it comea any time.

B. Our bus was changed from kandava travels to now Tanishka travels. Which is as nowhere neven near to comfortable and safe.

C. The seats are uncomfortable and do not even decline. The rear of the bus makes weird noise as if it is going to rip apart.

As the best step, i think ot os better either you refund 50% of the amount paid or we file a complaint in the consumer court. I know via is good with services and hence we trusted via with a comfortable journey. I was referred to via by my friends who are genuinely happy with your services and I genuinaly belive you would also prefer no associations with such travels who ruin you customers journey.

I kindly request you to look into my grievance and take strict and necessary actions against the travels also refund 50% of the amount paid by me.
This is not the way to earn money or to run a business by cheating with people. You are services worst.

Very much disappointed by your services.

Namit Nagpal

No reply from Via team and the worst part was when the bus driver dropped us in a village which was around 28 KM from Ponda. we took a local bus to reach Ponda and then took a cab to reach our destination.

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