– Excess change fee and cancellation fee and purportedly delay request which resulted additional airfare

Reported By: Looicb

Contact information:

I have made a purchase of airticket through However I realized the date on my flight was wrong after received the confirmation from and respective airline. I had wrote an email to notified Via.con the error and request to change or cancel the booking. I had tried to call to Delhi’s and Singapore’s office contact, but the contact numbers stated in the was not in used. There was no respond on cancellation fee and only forced me to change the ticket with excessive fee and admin fee (the change and admin fee is more than half of the amount of my original total airticket amount). I had subsequently request to for the flight change and was given a wrong date of the flight I requested. This causes the flight charges increased double of my original price.
I have been requesting for higher level management email and relevant authority from representative and the representative refused to provide the relevant authority to lodge my complaint.
All these was in my email trail. Please let me know how to provide the email trail.

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