Victimised and traumatised by RIDDHI FORD (Delaer) & FORD INDIA

Victimised and traumatised by RIDDHI FORD On 15th July’ 2013 I had booked Ford Ecosport Trend Model (Diesel Variant, Chill Metallic Color) at Riddhi Ford, Mathura Road, New Delhi and I was promised by number of sales people of Riddhi Ford – Rohtas, Amit Ahuja & Nitin, that I’ll definitely get the delivery within 3 months, i.e. maximum by 15th Oct’ 2013. I had mentioned to them that I need the car to be used in upcoming family functions starting 25th Oct which was the only reason for me to book a new car, and even after knowing this I was assured again and again by Riddhi Ford that I need not worry as I’ll get the delivery well within 3 months of booking. It’s been over 3 months and Riddhi Ford has failed to deliver the car on time, as committed & promised. I have met and requested everybody numerous times at Riddhi Ford, even the Manager – Nikhil, however they are not giving any confirmed date or month when the car will be delivered. As per the procedure, I have also filed complaint with Ford Customer Service (Complaint # 800044454) on 15th October’ 13 and have spoken to Ms. Shyamala several times, but of no help. Further, I had booked the car on ex-showroom price of INR 7, 60, 990 applicable as on 15th July’ 2013 but now Ford has increased the price to INR 7, 91, 790 (i.e more than 4% ) effective 1st Sep’ 13. Ford and the dealer should have protected and honoured the earlier bookings (i.e. before 1st Sep’13) and delivered the car as per applicable prices on the date of booking. The prices of ONLY Ford Ecosport have been increased by Riddhi Ford, not on the other cars as they have seen the opportunity to capitalise on customers’ money, trust & time. I also believe that the delay in delivery is maybe because many of the dealers are selling the car(s) on receipt of black/extra/premium money (money received in cash without receipt) for an earlier delivery. Basically they are delivering the cars booked by us to such people causing the delay in delivery to us, and capitalising on opportunity to earn interest on our booking amounts. Also, Riddhi Ford has been pressurising me to buy the car Insurance from them only, else they’ll not deliver the car; and I know they are charging much higher insurance amount compared to market price – an another opportunity for them to capitalise. I request an immediate action – the Dealer should be penalised, fined and its dealership should be cancelled for money laundering against false promises and commitments. Requested actions to protect such companies & dealer’s unethical practices: • Riddhi Ford should be fined and penalised for false commitment – The car should be given IMMEDIATELY to me on the earlier booked Ex-Showroom price of INR 7, 60, 990 instead of INR 7, 91, 790. Also they should pay 1% per day delay charges of the total cost of the car every day delay in delivery post 3 months of commitment, just like builders pay to their customers if they delay the possession. • Delivery of the car should be given to the customers waiting for their delivery and suffering just like me – as per first booked preference in order and on the rate applicable on the date of booking. • Dealership of Riddhi Ford should be cancelled, and immediate action should be taken. Car booking details: Car : Ford Ecosport, Chill Metallic Color, Trend Model, Diesel variant Booking Receipt No : 1311 Date of Booking : 15th July’ 13 File Number : 780 Thanks and regards Mayank Khanna Mobile # 9811904070 B-168, Lajpat Nagar-1, New Delhi.

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  1. I am also facing same problem.
    I had booked EcoSport Trend (Diesel) on 30th June 2013. Yet do not get my car.

    Few days before , i asked an another sales person, are customers getting deliver their car? He told me that customers who had booked on July have got their car.

    Really when i heard , i got shocked ……really Riddhi ford cheating with there customer.

    Guys do not book your car in Riddhi Ford, Mathura Road.
    They are really cheater. Very very poor customer support. They do not give any value to their customer.

    Anybody knows what are actions can taken againest Riddhi Ford regarding the same.

    1. These people have the policy of duping the customer. The sales team is very arrogant especially Mr. Vimit Chauhan. I booked an Ecosport in August and the car was not delivered within the agreed upon period of 6 months. These people d not have any courtesy. Vimit is very unprofessional with no patience at all. Now I have requested for a refund and this is also delayed from their end. I will not recommend any person to approach Riddhi Ford to purchase a car.