Vinayak finance – cheating in the name of PMEGP Loan

sir i have given a advertisement in quikr for personal loan in replies of that the above company representative Rashmi gupta mobile no 8285561795 phoned me and ask for PMEGP loan and deposit a amount of Rs 2500/- for file charges and ask that i and my company is honest in providing the loan from PMEGP and ask me to deposit the amount in the account of Nitin yadav Bank of baroda account no 21360100007183 badli branch i have deposited the amount and she gave me the number of priya gupta mobile no 9717897954 and she assure me for giving the loan in 5 days. and she have talked me so called MD nitin yadav and give his mobile no 7531893704.

After two days a so called govt guys udaiagrawal phoned me and asked for 3% security amount for RTGS of a loan of Rs 500000/- is 15000/- in account. i asked with priya gupta she assure me to deposit the amount and told me after that the RTGS made i have deposited the amount in same account.

after two days the same so called govt guys phoned me and told for insurance of loan for Rs 8500/- then i am totally confused and i go with the bank of baroda thikriya banswara branch and explain the matter to the branch manager and he told me that alll is fake. i also enuired the govt guys udai agrawal with DIC they told me that there is no person working with them. The mobile no of uday agarwal is 7877822406.
Now i asked him for refund and they have so many excuses first they are not picking my phone, Nitin yadav phone is permanently switcgh off or out of coverage area. before two days priya gupta told me that she is in Goa,and in roaming. My friend amit jani phoned him then she will ask him for loan scheme. miss rashmi is not picking the phone she and Nitin yadav is main organizer of this all things.
Then i phoned to udai agarwal he told me that i will file loan cancellation application and then refund will done. i also enquired all the matter in DIC they told me that no apllication has been filed in your name.
The all the above person is previously operate the company of sunglow finance.


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