vinayak finance – Pmegp loan

I am shekhar. I was in need of loan so i gave ad on quiqer one day i got massage from 8285561795 [email protected] RASHMI GUPTA two photo.voter cad .10th marksheet.electricity bil loan k liy cal me and same day she call me and said this is gov. Scemes and name of scemes is pmegp and she said you will get your loan within a week and you have to deposited an amount of 2500 rs in nitin yadav’s bob badli branch and after few days a gov. Person named agrawal called me and said deposit 10k for security and i did then rashmi said deposited 15700 for insurance i did and than again agrawal said you have to deposit 10 percent of loan amount which was 50k and again i deposited that. But my loan did not approved and now they are demanding 28k for fund transfer now it looks like they are fraud. And now i don’t know what to do.

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