vinayak finance prashant prajapati fraud leader – PMEGP LOAN

Sir the person prashant prajapati mobile no 7877822406 is from vinayak finance and i have also the photo of this fellow and nitin yadav received by me from suresh nanda they have cheated him.
the prashant prajapati cheat the public in the manner as under
He phoned to public after the person deposit the amount in vinayak finace account nitin yadav as processing fees he called from his phone as a DIC /KVIC officer Udai agrawal and deposit the money in nitin yadav account for security insurance and so on.
Now this proves that all the verification call has been also from mobile is fake in the name of DIC.
I request to public please care from this men as he is prashant and also he is udai Agrwal and the fake DIC verfication has been also done by him
Anil jain

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