Vision pride infra services – Till Date no Plotting and No Developments at Kacharam Near Govt School Site. Land does not belongs to vision pride Infra Services Cheated lots of innocent People.

Reported By: Sudershan Goud Thota

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Hi Every one we also cheated by vision pride infra services now Vision pride real estate developers in the 2019 July they invited us to hotel Katriya at Somajiguda saying that we won lucky draw prize On their company anniversary and requested us to come only couples .Trusted their words and went to collect the gifts from said hotel once we reached there one executive came their and taken us to one Hall were lots of couples are sitting in side and these frauds are giving presentation.

On that Day V Vamshi krishna attended us and explain about their company membership and open plot At Kacharam village Near govt school to convinence us they given National and International Holidays with celebrity club passes and Well care Health card .

Recently we Taken that Health card to One Diagnostic center and they informed it is Fraud and fake cards Given by vision pride infra services . We got confused and try to contact vision pride infra services but no response from their Customer care Team & Fraud Vamshi Krishna who sold us all these things explaining fake words and fake promises.

We got suspicious about these company and went Kacharam to check Our plot there But there is no plotting and No developments .We enquired with some locals there they are saying that it is not a DTCP approved layout and more ever that land not Belongs to Vision pride infra services thats why they removed all plotting and its more than 2 years these frauds are not intrested to ful lfill their promises made to their customers.

Vision pride infra services Directors Vamshi krishna & Santosh kumar are no 1 Frauds in cheating innocent people.

Dont trust these frauds any More other wise they will Rob every one.


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