Vision pride infra services – Vision Pride Infra Services Doing Illegal Business Activities In the Name Of Lucky Draw Prizes and Cheating them


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Dear we also experiencing Same with vision pride Real estate Developers Formerly Vision pride infra services called us told that we won lucky draw prizes on their Company anniversary we taught it real and went there to collect the gifts once we reached their office one executive received us and taken to reception counter they Taken all Details and told us switched of our phone to attend their company presentation.

They have well trained experts who will slowly try to attract towards their company products which are not owned by them for ex. Star health insurance, Club membership, Domestic holidays, & DTCP Open plots . thwy will offer you all these products for 4 lakhs odd money and and tell you that they will develop Like gated community with all amenities .At the time of presentation they will promise you lots of things with various options but it come to full fill there Promises their Customer Care team and their Company Directors Santosh kumar and Vamshi krishna will make you Fool and plays with innocent people emotions .

We came to know some facts that Management of Vision pride real estate developers Earlier Associated with Country vacations and Global taj pride services which cheated and Dubbed lots of innocent people in the name same schemes and Lots of police Complaints are Lodged in Various police stations . Still these guys are opted for same to cheat more and more innocent people.

One thing we Learned from Vision pride real estate developers that they will waste lots of time of innocent people calling in the name of lucky draw coupons, gifts and give them Foot path Gift items which are not more than 100 ruppes worth.

Friends its my humble request not visit their office and don’t waste your valuable Time these guys are Big frauds and Cheaters who are doing White collar Cheating Business .

Till Date they Not Handed over one single site with Full Developments if any one ask about the developments their Customer care team will make you fool by telling fake and false Stories…NO 1 Cheaters in the Market


How to file a complaint against vision pride infra services?

* Go to page
* Write vision pride infra services in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from vision pride infra services.

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