Vodafone – Deduction of my prepaid mobile balance

Reported By: Chirag Hadial

Contact information:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am using Vodafone prepaid number 8980418620. Rs.99 has been deducted from Vodafone for the thing that I have not used/downloaded. I don’t know which kind of service I have activated. I have contacted Vodafone Customer care through Email, and they have given me below details:
DNLD-WWAP_DLS0049_PPU_KIN01467053 Rs. 49

I don’t have any idea about both this thing.
Kindly instruct the Vodafone to not to do these kinds of cheap things with consumers.

And if possible kindly refund the amount.

Chirag Hadial

2 thoughts on “Vodafone – Deduction of my prepaid mobile balance”

  1. Same thing has happend with they deducted my amount and when I called them they were saying like you have bymistakely downloaded something. But at that time I didn’t used vodafone network. They deducted for this purpose only “DNLD-DWAP_VP0050_PPU_NAZVPO_A- NAZARA “

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