Vodafone – Incorrect Download Charges like wapvilla_ppd, hello1_tvallsouth_, etc

I am billed more than 300 bucks for downloading some content which I never downloaded by Vodafone. This is despite my number is part of Corporate Tie Up.

I am frustrated with the response I received from the Call Centre Agent of Vodafone. He merely read the same thing for me which is available in bill – Content name, date, time, etc. When I asked him to transfer the call to somebody more informed about this problem, he simply asked me to write on email ID provided.

These people are really “Chor” as I will now be forced to pay full bill in order to continue my connection, as they happen to immediately disconnect the calls, if bill is not fully paid…

Vodafone is really bullshit

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  1. The same happened with me, there is a fake charges of Rs.108 with name of ‘hello1_tvallsouth_’. customer care couldn’t give proper explanation other than arguing that the charge is valid, whereas I know that they are cheating with me as I never downloaded any such thing. Vodafone is cheating with their customer and on top of that now a days their 3g service is worse than anything, they have no solution yet, I will change my service provider as vodafone is not trustworthy now a days.