Vodafone India Mobile – Incorrect billing, Unnecessary charges

My name is Vasim Khopekar, and I am resident of Mumbai. My mobile number is 9769166327, (Vodafone). I am very upset and frustrated the way Vodafone is cheating their customers with stupid downloading charges, I am a postpaid user and for my last bill they had charged me for some download contents that were never downloaded by me, I am not a fool and nor do I have that much time to download such non sense things.

Some Details are as follows:

09/12/14-00:30:26 wapvilla_ppd 0:00 99

21/12/14-23:53:13 hello1_tvallsouth_ 0:00 99

02/01/15-01:08:14 d2c_mazaa_49 0:00 49

Just today I called Vodafone call-center and asked them to let me know me the source of website from which download had been done and what were the data usage, but the response from them was quite strange, Sir these are the POP ups, even if you click on them the charges will be applicable, if this is the case, than the same should be blocked, all this is just to fool the customers and make money, this was never expected from such a reputed company like Vodafone, feeling quite annoyed with this.

Just Google wapvilla_ppd , hello1_tvallsouth_, mobilart_valuepack TV Weekly & d2c_mazaa_49 and you will find N numbers of complaints against Vodafone on Consumer complaints, this has been across India, maximum number of peoples have been fool with these downloading charges.

Would appreciate if someone from Vodafone look into this and find a solution to this problem, failing which we will have no other option other than to go legal, also kindly refund the amount which has been unnecessarily charged.

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  1. Even I have been charged for the same content. Rs. 79 was charged for this in my Jan 2015 bill. I have an unlimited pack and they cant say which website charged me. I told them that if any website is going to charge me they would direct me to credit card gateway and why will they charge me on my bill which only you have access.

    03/01/15-00:42:11 hello1_tvallsouth_ 0:00 30
    03/01/15-00:47:20 d2c_mazaa_49 0:00 49

    As I checked internet I see the same terms above for the charges. Many have complaint about these charges. Not sure how could they charge an amount without proper justification. I asked if it is download what is the data downloaded how much MB/KB downloaded. Even for that they dont have a justification. Disgusting, this is not the first time with Vodafone that I had a problem with billing. This has become a routine that they charge me.