vodafone india – Vodafone – Extra charges in Bill

I have a vodafone postaid connection and there is extra download charges of Rs 395 in my January month Bill even I have not used those services. Charges details are given below
Date Pack Details Charges in Rs
08/01/15-15:39:37 d2c_ndtv_valuepk_9 99
08/01/15-15:51:10 d2c_shotformats_ti 99
08/01/15-15:51:19 d2c_mgossip_pack49 49
20/01/15-15:43:53 d2c_mdtv_valuepk_9 99
24/01/15-02:29:15 videos_shits_2 49

When I called the customer care they said I have downloaded these from 3rd party site and they are not ready to revert back these charges. Now my question is if these services are 3rd party then who has authorized Vodofone to paid 3rd party in favour of me without my authentication? Postpaid connection is not like a bank account that charges will be paid to 3rd party in favour of me even bank cannot pay anything without any authentication.


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