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Reported By: Oscar Fernandez

Contact information:
Vplak Gurgaon

I ordered 2 headphones and one speaker from this Vplak online and paid 11855.06. on 26.04.2021. Even after paying online, they called and asked me to send the payment confirmation, which I did on mail. 1week passed and I did not receive any confirmation of my payment and order confirmation. Then with great difficulty I got through their customer service which is very very bad. They told me the products would be shipped in a week time. But as there was no news or update after a week I had tried to get in touch with their customer care which was again very very difficult. After many complaints and running behind them they sent still I did not receive any response. Then I raised a complaint on “consumer complaint india .com and even paid a fees of 706 to take up my case. Then on 03.06.2021 I received the items. One of headphones I ordered cost 2499(. JBL Tune 115 Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones – blue colour) they sent me an other model cost 1699(. JBL Tune 205 BT Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones – cost 1699 as per yr site )and balance money they robbed. Sent them a complaint,and also informed consumer complaint india, but no response till date15.06.2021. People be careful this is a fraud company , very bad customer service , u will only loose yr money. Better to order on Amazon or Flipkart, atleast the consumer care works. What ever positive reviews I read about this Vplak company seem to be bogus.

How to file a complaint against Vplak?

* Go to page
* Write Vplak in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Vplak.

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