– scammed me

Reported By: Rohania

Contact information: I don’t know the area

I have sent money for earnings and I have sent amount of 6470 and now i can’t withdraw the capital and the earnings because the task not completed but the problem is i can’t complete the task for the reason that they will told me that i should send money again but i don’t have money i just want to be back the money i send to them amount of P6470. I have so many problem because the money i’ve sent to them will be using for my daughters operation because she is in comatose but the scam me! Can you help me to get back my money that i have sent to them? Pleaseeeee is a scam online money earnings. The merchant and the mentor told me that i should send money to have my earnings through buying item and the peice of item will be going to my earnings. The problem is i can’t complete the task because they want to send me again money 😭 I really don’t have money and they scam me.

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  1. Hello Po..have you ever received your refund after submitting your complaint? I want to be refunded as well…they scammed me