Ways2star Financial Investment Advisory – cheated me

Reported By: Furquan Ansari

Contact information:
Ways2star Financial Investment Advisory

I gets a call by Payal from Ways*star Financial, address Plot no. ** Pu* Near Indo Thai Vijay Nagar Indore ****** on my number. She asks do you do trading on share market. So I said yes then she asks in which segment do you trade So I said I trade in all segments Then I asked where did you get my number, then she said that your number has been updated in our system. Then she said that you should work with us, we will provide you surety levels in intraday. Then she said that first we will give you a trial, if you like it then you should register and our registration fee is ****/- you can check everything by visiting our website www.ways*star.in, then i visited there website and check everything deeply. There is SEBI REG. NO. inh*********, Trade License No. *********** and GST No. **ABBPS****HIZP. Then I told her to give me one day to think so she said ok I will call you day after tomorrow, then I said ok, then she called me on **/**/**** so I asked her to give a trial which she gave and I also profited from it, then I went to her website and deposited **** charges in his Axis Bank account, then the next day he explained his bucket segment that if you invest in him So Every day you generate a good profit as per your investment, and thus I deposited *****/-, *****/- on **/**/****, and *****/- **/**/**, then she cinvenced me deposited *****/-on **/**/**** in the name of segment fee. she send screenshots of what per day profit generate in the bucket segment to my Whats app no., then I asked how I can withdraw money from the bucket So she said that your lock-in period will be from thirty to forty days, after thirty days, whatever benefit you have received, you can get us to request your account and put it in your account the next day. Then after a couple of days, she said that GST audit is going to be conducted in the company from tomorrow, then some days work will be closed, we have to work long term with you and that too with Profit, Then I called after a day or two, the number was closed, then the next day Rajiv Rajput spoke to me from the same number, then I asked where is Payal, why was the number closed, then he said that Payal was not feeling well and he was on leave. Then he said that I should work with you in place of Payal Then he said that your work will start from tomorrow but for the next day for many days, no one was taking calls again. Then I asked to take legal action through WhatsApp and SMS, then the reply came on WhatsApp that there was an accident with Payal, due to which work is stopped and all the employees are in the hospital, and now all the numbers are closed and I have now come to know that I have been cheated by all of them.

I have a all transactions proff, many of Voice recording and what’s app messages as a evidence.

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