Web-Tech – they are playing fraud. not giving proper work.

Reported By: Monika78

Contact information:
New Khirdi road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra – 431001

I am Monika. My mail id is monika.[protected]@gmail.com.

My friend name is Rupali
Her mail id: rupali.[protected]@gmail.com

On 17th Aug 2019, I and my friend Rupali took Data captcha work from this company.

They told me that I would be required to solve 10, 000 captchas in 10 days.
For each correct captcha they would pay 2.25 INR.
After first payment they would deduct the 5000 registration fees from the payment only.

Now till then the things were smooth.
I planned to do this.

They asked me my Aadhar card, photo and hand written name written on paper.
I provided them.

Without my notice they created agreement online.

The agreement says that I need to solve 10, 000 captchas in 10 days.

Failing so, I would have to pay them 5000 INR as penalty.

I started work.
But the application which they had provided is not working properly.
It is giving false report.

Same thing is happening with Rupali.

I raised this query to their customer helpline no. [protected]
Email id: [protected]@gmail.com
They aren’t receiving my calls.

The executive through whom I get this work named Ria Patel (Contact no. [protected]) is not picking my call since 18th Aug 2019.
I texted her on whatsapp
But she is not replying either.

Irony is later she blocked me on whatsapp.
Rupali also texted her. But got same response.

So from all this,
One fact is clear that this company is fraud and playing scam with people like us who needs money and holds no job.

We would request responsible Indian authority
To lodge complain against this company.

Also, we both want termination of agreement that they had created without concern.

We are calling them for termination but again they aren’t responding.

Please help us.
We would be really really grateful.

Also, the executive told me on phone that company is in Latur Maharashtra.

The agreement that they created says company address is ” New-Khirdi road, Aurangabad, Maharashtra – 431001″

And when I call customer care and executive, the phone operator speaks Gujarati and true caller also says the no. Is from Gujarat.

Please please help us.

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