Whirlpool double door refrigerator (pro 355 elt 2s 340ltr) – over cooling as on low mode

whirlpool double door refrigerator (pro 355 elt 2s 340ltr) Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: Sagar Patil

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whirlpool double door refrigerator (pro 355 elt 2s 340ltr)

I have purchased whirlpool double door refrigerator from S S Electronics,silvassa-396230 model is PRO 355 ELT 2S 340 ltr.(illusia steel colour). Our issue is refrigerator get over cooling even as on LOW mode on thermostat panel, due to this overcooling vegetables & fruits got spoiled, moisture gets deposited inside carry-bag, plastic container,vegetables gets wet,icecream kept in icecream zone but made too chilled with ice layer deposited(ice crunches feel while ate & tasteless) .Henceforth, we were registered 7 times complaints on whirlpool CC in 10 months, they sent service engineer boy (age near 19-22 yr old) with no id proof, even they did not recognized the issue, (failed to explain 6th application, insta sensor application), On 4th & 5th complaint they changed cooling sensor but problem still not resolved. So, We told them might be this piece was faulty/defective piece came so we want to replacement but dealer & service engineer did not agreed on this term and avoid us ,telling some other reasons. Kindly I requested you that, take action on them before gets expired which is sept month end as soon as possible.

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