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Reported By: Hasnuu

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I have ordered 3 kurthis but i have received the wrong product(saree).its worth 999+shipping.please help me.the product i received is a pure quality saree.i want to return it but i couldn’t able to return it.please help me.i want my cash back.i want my cash back…please help me out of these.
Reference ID:8810
Order ID:6866335
Order date:4/7/19
Delivery date:10/7/19

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  1. I havevordered a combo of 3 kurthis of rs999+shipping. But i have received the wrong product(saree).and also the product i received of very low quality. Please help me. I want to return it but i couldn’t able to return it.i want my cash back.please help me

  2. SRUTHI Parupattedar

    I ordered combo of three kurtis @999+shipping charges. But I received two quality sarees.I want my money back. Please help me in this.

  3. guys plz do not buy from this website its all fraud… when i unpacked the parcel it was not the one i ordered it was some cheap chuni cloth… after that when i wanted to retrun it back that person asked me my banck details to retrun back the money back and after somtime he himslef calls me back and tells me there is not enough balnc in bank account and goole pay… when i aked him why if you want to refund the money why the hell do need my bank balnce… and aisa kaunsa website hai ki bank main enough balnce nahi hai tho paisa retrun nhi hota….. you guys are fraud my money got waste chep bloody fuckers if you want money then go beg people but do not cheat to your costmurs rascels mother fuckers bloody cheap assholes.. cheap bloody fucker this are that two numbers i got a call from 08249529369 7304499904 if you are born to onr father then answer my bloody calls you cheap basrterds chutiya gandu sala loutera …. thank god when he was asking me the bank details i quickly transfered my money to my another account if not he would scam my money …. plz plz plz plz guys do not order from this this website

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