– online fraud

Reported By: Alokyadav06

Contact information: Delhi

On day i got a call from He told me ” you have selected for tour prize. For that u have to buy one product from us. Due to continue getting call for the same then i bought one product of ₹550. After that he told me u have selected for thailand tour. And i denied then he said okay no problem u can take money instead of tour package then i said ok. Again i got one call. Then he said u have to pay ₹8400 then u can claim ur prize amount. And i paid. Then after few days company again said to me you have to pay ₹1960 for gst amount I paid . Then after few days again said paid last final amount 36 thousand for prize But on prize individual has to pay income tax not gst. Gst is charged only for goods and
Services. So that time i realized this is a fraud company. Now i am demanding my money back but they are saying different different things… What can i do please help us.

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