Wisdom Jobs – cheating & fraud

Reported By: Thippeswamy Sandur

Contact information:
Wisdom Jobs

I was approached by one mr. Rahul from wisdom jobs where in he mentioned on the call that my resume has been shortlisted by some companies and if i avail of their services they would ensure that some interviews were set up – and asked me to make payment of 4413 inr i made the payment of 4413 – and he sent some emails explaining how the process works. On 30th dec 2018 i received a call from wisdom saying that – since this is the year end they want close all recruitment processes by 31 dec 2018, as an extraordinary case he arranged an interview with an indian recruiter for abroad jobs. After the interview he asked me to deposit rs 28500 for locking my cv, but i hesitated, after observing my hesitation he reduced the amount to rs 24500 with an assurance of a abroad job with in 10 jan 2019. By his conversations & behaves i smelt something wrong, denied payment.
This is a dubious and fraud company, cheating the job seekers & money robbing is their main motto.
This is pure monetary dupe and mental harassment
There should be some strict action taken against this and i want my money rs 4413 refunded asap.

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