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Reported By: Vivek9750

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Hi team,

I took above services from wisdom jobs in the month of july-2-2018. I was provided with a resume but i have received feedback from independent sources (I shared with a couple of my contacts on senior positions in other firms) and they were of the opinion that it is not up to the mark based on which i am not feeling satisfied.

Also, i am not happy with the way my resume is being shared with firms, each week i get an e-mail saying the resume has been forwarded to x companies (I have not received this mail for last 2 weeks.), however i have not received a single call from any of the employers based on this. Also the agents do not provide with a satisfactory answer when i call up.

I was also promised that there is a restricted access on your website which will be opened up once i make the payment and i will see hidden jobs which can not be viewed with free subscription and a person will help me create a good profile on the website, no such thing has happened till now.

When i received the call from wisdom jobs for getting paid subscription the agent told me that your company has many openings in jaipur and i will loose on the opportunity if i took services even a couple of days later, but once i made the payment i am the one who is doing all the follow up with your company. Feels as if you were only interested in getting paid.

It has been three months and i have not received a single interview call till date, how is this possible when your sales agent promised me many opportunities were waiting in the city of jaipur?

All this makes me feel as if i have been duped. Please help me out.

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